For Teachers

Bring meditation to the world. Guide with us.

Expand your career, deepen your practice, and transform the lives of those around you by becoming a Journey Meditation Teacher. Through our intensive Teacher Training, you’ll learn how to teach our simple, approachable practice and programs and make a difference in your community through meditation.


Journey Meditation Teacher Training Adds Dimension to Daily Life:

  • Learn to Guide Groups & Teach Students
  • Integrate Meditation into Your Career
  • Deepen Your Personal Practice
  • Go on a Journey of Transformation & Self-Discovery

What will I learn in training?

Journey Meditation Teacher Training is taught in three parts:

  • The Foundations of Journey Meditation: Learn the essentials of our technique through an in-depth study of the four time-honored meditation practices that comprise Journey: mindfulness, awareness, contemplation, and compassion. We will cover the history of meditation, the science behind it, and its physical, emotional, and social benefits.
  • The Art & Science of Guiding Groups: Learn to share the Journey practice in a group setting. You will learn how to lead Journey Meditations, and the best-practices of becoming a great meditation teacher. These trainings are interactive and include breakout groups and role-playing
  • The Art & Science of Teaching Individuals: Learn to teach the Journey practice to individuals in one-on-one and private settings. And, receive an introduction to the Journey Meditation for Life course.

Who are the teachers?

Our training programs are led by extraordinary meditation teachers such as David Nichtern, a 40-Year Senior Meditation Teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage, and Stephen Sokoler, Journey Meditation Founder & CEO.

When are the next classes?

All current classes are sold out. The next programs begin in 2018. Apply Now!


Journey Meditation Teacher training is 100 hours of content, practice, and homework. What happens after I graduate?

Upon graduation, students will receive a diploma recognizing their completion of the Journey Meditation Teacher Training Program. Students can then incorporate meditation teaching into their personal lives and professional careers. If students wish to work as a Journey Meditation Teacher to guide groups, they can apply to do so following graduation from The Art & Science of Guiding Groups. If students wish to work as a Journey Meditation Teacher to teach individuals, they can apply to do so following their graduation from The Art & Science of Teaching Individuals.

*Please note that graduation doesn’t guarantee employment with Journey. However, it is the first step, and an initial requirement for all Journey teachers.

What does it cost?

The training cost is $1,995, which includes all three parts.

I'm ready. How do I apply?

We review all prospective teachers prior to training just to make sure it’s a strong fit for everyone involved. To be considered for Teacher Training please begin by filling out the form at the top of this page. (Application process is free.) Once accepted, you’ll be able to enroll and pay for training.

  • Not only did I learn the foundations of meditation, but also how to create a safe space of vulnerability, compassion and growth for others. I grew personally and left feeling inspired and energized.
    — Mariana Rittenhouse, Brand Strategy Director & Journey Graduat
  • This training course got me excited because we’re not telling people they have to fix or change themselves. Being a Journey teacher is about helping students realize the existing strength they already possess and setting them up with a practice to support life changing self-empowerment.
    — Adam Fleming, Broadway Actor & Journey Graduate
  • I now have a gift to bring so many communities in my life. I plan to lead meditations at my friend’s wedding and on a group trip in the coming months. I’m grateful for everything I learned.
    — Anastasia Alt, Entrepreneur & Journey Graduate